THE LIST is for you who appreciate quality over quantity

We call it sourcing, search or research - it goes by many names. It is all about direct contact with potential candidates and it is done like never before, both by internal researchers and external suppliers. The talents are bombarded with inquiries and often receive many offers. Thus only the best researchers get through the eye of the needle and are able to connect.

The keyword is quality. We take the task seriously and are well prepared before approaching. We spend time becoming the right-hand man of your company through thorough briefing.
Success is creating a real connection with the best qualified candidates and bringing them to the "table". Then it is up to you to choose and convince the talents that your business is the right one for them.

The advantage of getting a shortlist from us is thus first and foremost  qualified & interested candidates, but also saved time and saved resource.Among other things. the following may be good reasons for requesting a shortlist:

Access to the popular talents

Getting the attention of the popular candidates is difficult. As a subcontractor we have the experience and the network to get through the eye of the needle. 

Duty calls are avoided

Everyone can find candidates on LinkedIn, but contacting potential candidates is time-consuming and obligating. As a subcontractor, we can ensure that you do not inadvertently commit yourself to spending time on candidates that you do not find relevant.

Combine with advertising

The powerful combination! Supplement advertising with direct search against the field of qualified candidates who do not read job ads.


When you need to find candidates for a job that you do not want the public to know about.

Less administration

You seek to minimize your administration and avoid contact with irrelevant applicants, as well as phone calls from potential candidates. You wish to focus on the few very relevant candidates

Vi er eksperter i research rekruttering
Sourcing – Research. Gode kandidater er guld