We only have one product - and that is THE LIST. We provide a shortlist of suitable and relevant candidates for a given vacancy that you wish to fill.

The basic concept is simple. At a fixed price, we spend a week finding and interviewing as many suitable candidates as possible. The shortlist will typically consist of 4-6 candidates who, meet the agreed requirements. The candidates find the position interesting and are interested in a continued dialogue. The shortlist is delivered within 2-3 weeks from start-up.


We have extensive experience in researching management and specialist positions in the private business sector, and we emphasize a thorough preparation. We seek an extensive knowledge of your company and the vacancy, thus being able to enter a dialogue with the candidates at a level they take seriously.

We have many years of experience in the recruitment industry and as such have both the network and the experience to find the rare candidates.

The shortlist will contain contact information and a brief summary of the conversation with the interested candidates, and you will also get an insight into what types of profiles we have otherwise been in contact with.

There may be positions where the desire profile is so rare that it is virtually non-existent. Therefore, we will always have an initial discussion about the probability of achieving a good field for a given position within the time frame.


We always prepare an offer with prerequisites for the task. However, our customers are free to hire one or more candidates from the list at no extra cost. It is the shortlist itself and the time spent you are paying for.

Although we focus on the LIST, we can of course agree on different research solutions if needed

With List Company is an experienced business partner who gives you the best possible conditions to succeed with your recruitments. We provide opportunities and you can focus on the recruitment task itself.