We the List Company love to be in dialogue with people - that is crucial for us doing sourcing and research. But what is crucial to our customers is that we are also capable of delivering quality. Thus we talk to the right people and get the relevant information needed to get the right candidates on the field.

We thrive on reaching goals for both our customers and the talented people we find across the country. We believe that active listening, intelligent questions, knowledge sharing and high professionalism lead to the good solution for all parties.

Our mission is to make customers and candidates happy. We are interested in goals and matches, and as such we are dedicated to helping our clients meet them.

Experts in Candidate Research

List Company is a brand specializing in sourcing & research. We have been engaged in research for many years in companies within the search & selection industry, but have decided that research should have a special focus through a dedicated concept aimed at companies that carry out recruitments themselves. We only work with experienced researchers who have previously worked in the business and know about the organization, work processes and types of positions of organizations.

Over the years, we have developed and conducted professional research to service our own headhunters and recruitment consultants. We have thus spoken to many potential candidates in virtually every industry and with very different profiles - from the professional engineer to the outgoing sales director. It has given us a great deal of experience in getting to know a lot of professional and functional areas and of course a great knowledge about different positions, and the demands placed on them.

Thus we offer THE LIST - a shortlist of candidates for the corporate recruitment process.